Term and description


Term and description

You immediately accept all of our terms and conditions when you place an order, so please read them carefully to avoid being misled later.

Shipping Procedure

Deliveries conducted with the use of courier services are part of our shipping policy. Orders placed inside the US will not be charged for delivery. Orders placed outside of it, however, will incur extra shipping fees, tariffs, and taxes. After sending your cargo to processing, you will get a notification within 1-3 working days of its confirmation. Delivery will take place within 10-15 days for those in the US and between 15 and 25 days for those outside the US. If the delivery takes longer than the aforementioned window of time, please get in touch with us.

Payment Procedures

PayPal, Visa, and a Master Card may all be used to pay for our online transactions. All of the advertised rates include taxes, and we guarantee to keep your information secure and confidential.

Exchange and Refund

The return and replacement period are seven days. Once the 7-day window has passed, no merchandise may be returned or exchanged. Ensure that the items being returned are received with the tags still on and in their original packaging. We have the right to refuse to accept a product for exchange or refund.

Assurance of Quality

We have put in place strict controls that enable us to guarantee the top-notch quality of our products. Unfortunately, if you have received a damaged product and have had to endure it, we urge you to get in touch with us right away so we can provide you with a refund or swap the item. In the event that you need a product adjusted or changed, get in contact with us during the following 12 months, and we will make the necessary changes.

product justifications

It should be noted that there is a possibility that the things you receive may not be exactly the same as those pictured. However, we make sure that we take all necessary steps to offer the items exactly as our audience has seen them. We still retain the right to make small modifications.

Images and Text

We hold the copyright to all of the information and pictures used on our website, thus anybody found using them improperly may be charged. All content and photos used on our website are only for the website’s use and should never be used without the owner of the website’s consent.

Accessibility of the Products

The duration of the stock affects the availability of the product. It should be noted that the discounted or on-sale items will only be available for a little time.

Deviations and Modifications

The Company is free to modify our policy anytime we see fit. However, we do want our clients to stay informed about these rules at all times.

Accessibility of Websites

Beth Dutton Website has a staff of dedicated employees that are available round-the-clock on online platforms and ready to assist consumers with any issues they may be having. Feel free to contact us.