Returns and Exchange 


Returns and Exchange 

Our first priority is always to please and make happy our consumers, which is the reason for our excellent standards of quality and pricing. Before being sent to you, our items are tested and examined. You may, however, return or exchange your items if you made a mistake, but we strongly advise that you read through our policy and comprehend all of our terms.

As soon as you get a product that has been harmed or is flawed, you can file a complaint. We humbly ask that you send us a clear, high-quality image of the product along with your complaint so that we can verify that you are qualified for a refund or product exchange. This is done to ensure that you won’t have to mail a product needlessly and hope that it will be returned. It would be helpful to provide more detail in the complaint regarding the flaws.

We have the right to refuse a return or a replacement if the item lacks its tag or is not in its original packaging. Additionally, it must be proven that the flaw existed at the time of delivery and wasn’t introduced afterwards. Defects that personally affect the person can be remedied, but only for a certain fee. We would make sure you were compensated if there had been damage during delivery.

We are not liable for any damage to the merchandise that occurs after the return and exchange period has passed. Within 15 to 20 days, you might expect product returns or exchanges.

This is all for your convenience