Privacy Policy for Beth Dutton

Our top priority is keeping you safe!

We place a great emphasis on and respect our customers’ right to privacy. Our privacy policy was created specifically to safeguard the data of our clients. Our first focus is and always will be your safety, thus we do not take this responsibility lightly. Only the staff persons handling your purchase have access to the specifics of the information you submit.

The information that we will need from you to complete your purchase quickly is listed below in detail:

  1. Full name 
  2. Correct billing address.
  3. Every contact detail we need to get in touch with you
  4. Email Address
  5. Appropriate delivery address.
  6. Information about your credit card

We keep all of your information protected and secured using SSL technology. Your whole information is routed over a secure, encrypted gateway. Your personal information is kept private. We advise our consumers never to disclose their credit card information on open network sites since it can be stolen or linked to them, allowing it to be misused.

Given the prevalence of cybercrime in the modern world, we prioritize your security concerns above all else. It is essential for you to keep your information highly safe since there are various ways that it may be misused. Beth Dutton is wholly committed to maintaining your discretion and preserving your right to privacy.

Please keep up with our most recent policies as well as all of our newest deals so that you don’t miss out on these fantastic savings. You can contact us with any questions!